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Retirement Planning- Sure Thing or Maybe?

February 03, 2023

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Are you nearing or IN retirement and wondering if you have enough saved to carry you through? The investment strategies you employed to accumulate wealth while you were working are different than those used to distribute wealth or create income. For example, there’s no longer a steady paycheck coming in, and that cash flow is now replaced by 401K savings that are subject to market fluctuations and aren’t guaranteed. This opens you up to Sequence of Returns risk, where one ill-timed market downturn - just before or early in retirement - can result in a devastating loss of retirement income.

Many Couples have not planned for the “Income Cliff”. When the first spouse dies, the surviving spouse often faces an average income loss of up to 42%. At Nielsen Financial Group, we can help you address these challenges by planning for them in advance. Using our “Retire Now” software we can map out your retirement income with certainty and help plan for and overcome any pitfalls or “income cliffs” that may occur.

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